1. Ph.D Sustainable Agricultural Systems

2. Ph.D Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

3. MSc Animal Production

4. MSc Animal Nutrition

5. MSc. Genetics and Plant Breeding

6. MSc. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

7. Master of Science in Agricultural Information and Communication Management

8. PGD Sugarcane Agronomy

9. PGD Sugar Technology

10. Bachelor of Science in Food Processing Technology

11. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education & Extension

12. Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Biofuels Technology

13. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

14. Bachelor of Science in Sugar Technology

15. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Biotechnology

16. BSc. Animal Production and Processing

17. BSc Animal Health and Management

18. BSc Fisheries and Aquaculture

19. BSc Agribusiness Management and Marketing

20. Diploma in Sugarcane Agronomy

21. Certificate in Sugarcane Agronomy22. Diploma in Sugarcane Agronomy

22. Certificate in Sugarcane Agronomy

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